what’s new in Oak Bluffs

During the Summer months, Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs is packed with people, especially children. So, it seemed to make sense to use the outside space on the back of Down Island for something family friendly. Introducing Amity Candy Co. where you will find small batch, handcrafted sweet treats. It’s not a candy store in […]


There might have been some grumblings when word hit the street that another ice cream shop was opening on Circuit Avenue but this one is different. For starters, it’s not ice cream. Introducing Rosie’s Frozen Yogurt. Rosie’s is owned by Steve and Sindy Steinberg. This is their third location, adding to their Cos Cob and […]


Memorial Day weekend something wonderful happened for the town and people of Oak Bluffs. We got a fish market. Our very own place to grab fresh local fish, lobsters, oysters, and more. A long time dream of owner, Sandy Fisher, came true — with the help of his friend and now manager, Shaun Fitzpatrick. Located […]