the Barn bowl & bistro

It’s a Tuesday night in February and I can’t find a parking spot a The Barn!?! How can this be? Well, when I walked, I knew why. The smell immediately made me hungry. The smell of curry, of exotic spices, Indian food. The dining room was packed and I have to say that 90% of […]


For New Year’s eve, I feel like there are two schools of thought. People either really love this night or are less then impressed with the hype. I always tried when I was younger to create fabulous New Year’s Eves but was always left slightly disappointed. Now that I have small children, I have a […]


It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were all saying how great it would be to have a place to bowl on Martha’s Vineyard, something to do, get us out of the house. Well, since The Barn, Bowl & Bistro opened its doors late last Spring, we were given a great way […]