Memorial Day weekend something wonderful happened for the town and people of Oak Bluffs. We got a fish market. Our very own place to grab fresh local fish, lobsters, oysters, and more. A long time dream of owner, Sandy Fisher, came true — with the help of his friend and now manager, Shaun Fitzpatrick. Located […]


On the Vineyard, there are a number of  people who just continue to amaze me.  Whether it’s in their charitable works, their commitment to a cause, or their successful business, they just “wow” you.  I think that JB Blau is one of those people.  When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about for On […]


Wow – the first word that came to my mind when I walked into Hooked.  I couldn’t even believe that it was the same space that Lola’s occupied.  Greer & Christian Thornton, from Atria, are the masterminds behind this new restaurant and renovation of a favorite Island space in Oak Bluffs.  Going into this, they […]


With one week until Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of Summer for many, several local favorite restaurants are opening their doors this weekend, so we can enjoy these places before it gets to crazy on the Island.  Here are four favs opening their doors this weekend. Kennebec Ave in Oak Bluffs, A Mini Restaurant […]