Outdoor dining on Martha’s Vineyard

People wonder what Islanders do when the Summer months are over. The answer is this – we continue to Summer and enjoy the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard well into the Fall months. Many of the restaurants are still open, and there are still lots of fun things to do. You might just have to look a […]


How to say goodbye to Summer? Even though it’s not quite over, with school starting this week and restaurants already starting to close, it seems like a big dinner out with friends is a good way to celebrate all the fun that was had and the fun that is still to come. There is something […]


I remember when I had first heard that Patrick and Ted Courtney were going to turn 55 Main Street, Edgartown into a restaurant, The Port Hunter.  I felt like doing a back flip.  Something good was going to go into that awesome brick building.  Finally Into the Woods was actually gone after five years of […]

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