Midnight Farm

Each year brings about changes to the towns of Martha’s Vineyard.  For the 2013 season, there are a lot of great new things happening in Vineyard Haven, which has really now become a lively year-round town. Once filled with a number of empty storefronts, Vineyard Haven is on its way to becoming the town to […]


Since that awful day in July, 2008, when a fire claimed the beloved Cafe Moxie, people have been waiting for it to be rebuilt and return to the Vineyard Haven restaurant scene.  Now four years later, the wait is over.  Mark your calendars it’s offical, Cafe Moxie will open its doors Friday, October 12th and […]


As the Island continues to come alive with Spring and gears up for Summer, more and more changes are happening. Vineyard Haven is really experiencing a revival of sorts.  While I was once worried about the empty store fronts, I am now hopeful and looking forward to visiting downtown a lot more. Breakfast & Lunch […]


It seems as though there is even more to add to the growing list of changes in Vineyard Haven.  In addition to another place to grab a bite to eat, and the opening date of La Choza, it is also rumored that soon downtown will have new street poles, new benches (good for people watching), […]


We’ve survived the first half of January!  A much deserved long weekend is finally here. With the three-day holiday, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy time on Martha’s Vineyard and the celebrate the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oscar Worthy Feeling the Oscar Buzz a little early with the Golden Globes happening […]