LeRoux at Home

Meet Heidi Feldman of Down Island Farm, a woman who has been on a mission trying to figure out how to contribute to the local food movement here on Martha’s Vineyard. Her farm just happens to be on a sandy plot of land in West Tisbury which is not necessarily conducive to growing things. Heidi […]


Each year brings about changes to the towns of Martha’s Vineyard.  For the 2013 season, there are a lot of great new things happening in Vineyard Haven, which has really now become a lively year-round town. Once filled with a number of empty storefronts, Vineyard Haven is on its way to becoming the town to […]


We’re now in the second week of the 2012. I can’t help but wonder how people are doing with their New Year’s resolutions. I still see lots of people at the gym, including a lot of new people but I wonder how many people are working on strengthening their minds in addition to their bodies. You […]