Island Grown Initiative

The farmers’ markets of Martha’s Vineyard have become an integral part of the social and food fabric of the island. Farm-to-table is not only a saying, but truly a way of life on the Vineyard. At least a way of life during the warmer summer months. As the colder weather and snow replace the people and the crops, […]


In its fifth year, Island Grown Gleaning, part of Island Grown Initiative, is an important part of local farming on Martha’s Vineyard. Throughout the growing seasons, especially this time of year, our farms have a surplus of fruits and vegetables. Instead of letting them simply rot or go into compost, Island Grown Gleaning comes to the […]


I had been curious as to what Island Grown Gleaning was.  I knew it was a program that was part of the Island Grown Initiative, and that they collected produce from farms.  So when I heard that there was going to be a gleaning for the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it was the perfect opportunity […]

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