Farms on Martha’s Vineyard

The farmers’ markets of Martha’s Vineyard have become an integral part of the social and food fabric of the island. Farm-to-table is not only a saying, but truly a way of life on the Vineyard. At least a way of life during the warmer summer months. As the colder weather and snow replace the people and the crops, […]


With the cooler weather, the beach is no longer a daily temptation. Don’t get me wrong if it’s 68 degrees or above, it’s top priority for the day, but that’s not the case daily. That means that there is more time to explore different places on Martha’s Vineyard. Since Fall is the harvest season, I’ve decided […]


One of the great things about events on Martha’s Vineyard is that you get to experience or learn something new, and even though it seems like such a small place, there’s so much I don’t know. Farm.Field.Sea. Early this fall, the inaugural Farm.Field.Sea. An Island Culinary Adventure, took place. It was a weekend celebration of local […]