Esperanza Riding Company

Three years ago, almost to the day, I went on a trail ride with Esperanza Riding Company and experienced Martha’s Vineyard in a whole new way. Being on horseback, offers you the chance to see things differently, to feel things differently. Esperanza Riding Company left the Vineyard for a bit but owner Elizabeth Buyrn and […]


As we begin the new year, I always like to take a moment to reflect upon the previous year.  Though most of my time was spent sleep deprived and being spit up on, I realize that it was an amazing year.  It was the year my son was born, the year my little girl became […]


A 2014 update – Esperanza Riding Company, now in it’s third season in New England, has changed its location to Cape Cod. With this new location, you can even choose amazing trails right along the beach. To find out more, check out their website. Are you ready to to ride?  These Paso Fino horses are […]


We’ve all had the opportunity to drive around the island of Martha’s Vineyard and take in its beautiful landscapes.  Many of us have also been lucky enough to walk the numerous trails that take us into more remote areas that show us a different side of the Vineyard.  However, we’re about to be able to see […]