Chef Joe Monteiro

I am not quite sure why, but when you walk up to 19 Raw Oyster Bar, you feel like you’re in for a fun time. Perhaps because it is a bar and is small and intimate. The set-up pretty much guarantees that you’re going to accidentally bump into friends there or make new ones. Chef/Owner, […]


Last week I brought you the story about Chef Joe Monteiro moving and re-opening Pizza di Napoli at the Loft in Oak Bluffs. This week, I am very pleased to tell you that Joe is also opening an oyster bar. Yes, an oyster bar in Edgartown no less! Hard to believe we don’t have one yet. Joe […]


Pizza. A food everyone likes but the styles vary. Thick or thin crust, lots of sauce, light sauce, cheese blend or just good mozzarella. Friends, Joseph Monteiro, the executive chef from Atlantic Restaurant, and John Clift, the owner of Vintage MV, both have been searching on Island for the kind of pizza they like. When you […]

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