August 2014

It’s finally here, the Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair, and it does not disappoint! I headed to the fair on Friday morning with my family. We were all excited and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. The sky was overcast and the temperature was a bit on the cool side — perfect fair weather! […]


Each summer for the past 10 years, I get excited when it’s Fair time. The rides, the animals, the crafts, and all the fair food. There’s so much to do and so much to see. This year’s theme just happens to be “Sharing Fair Memories.” Part of Sharing Fair Memories includes reminiscing about the food. […]


I hate to say it but sometimes you have your fill of pizza, burgers, and fried food when you’re on the go during the summer. So, I was happy to visit BeeDee’s in Oak Bluffs. BeeDee’s, though it has seating, is a new panini place with a focus on providing good food fast to go. […]

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For years, I’ve driven past the shop, Salt, in Vineyard Haven wondering what it was all about. Not sure what I am talking about? It’s the cool, small building where the baseball field is behind Educomp. By some stroke of luck, it was open when I drove by on Friday. I slammed on the breaks, […]


To make a living on Martha’s Vineyard can sometimes take a little creativity and passion. I am always interested in learning about people and how they make year-round life on the Island work. Even more interesting to me, the land lubber I am, is how people use the bounty of our waters as a way […]


There are many things that make Martha’s Vineyard a special place. The beaches, the quiet beauty (not so much in August), the feeling of being removed from real life, and the libraries. Sounds strange to say the library right? In a digital age where libraries may seem a little archaic, here they’re vibrant parts of […]