April 2012

When I had heard about Not Your Sugar Mamas and the raw chocolate they made, I was skeptical.  How could chocolate made from cacao and just a couple other natural ingredients be any good and actually good for you?  Isn’t it all that refined sugar and words I can’t pronounce that make chocolate so yummy? Curiosity […]


As many of you may know, I was pregnant with my second child.  If you’ve seen any of the real estate video house tours I did with Point B Realty, you’ll know I kept busy until the very end.  What woman doesn’t want to see herself  on video when she’s 39 weeks pregnant?  Not I, […]

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I had been hearing a little buzz here and there about Bunch of Grapes moving into the old Bowl and Board space, right across the street from their current location, and I, along with many others, didn’t necessarily believe it.  I really thought that Midnight Farm would be going into that space, and that Bunch […]


Nestled behind Cottle’s Lumber in West Tisbury, you’ll find a working farm and a hidden gem, Lambert’s Cove Glass, which a friend of mine, Russell Carson, has been working at during the off-season.  The more we talked about it, the more I wanted to know about it.  So, I was happy to have the opportunity to […]


As the Island continues to come alive with Spring and gears up for Summer, more and more changes are happening. Vineyard Haven is really experiencing a revival of sorts.  While I was once worried about the empty store fronts, I am now hopeful and looking forward to visiting downtown a lot more. Breakfast & Lunch […]


When I was out and about yesterday, I ran into a number of friends, and everyone was talking about all the things opening this week.  Each year, I forget that the first week in April is a big opening week for a number of things with even more to follow throughout the month.  It’s nice […]


About two months ago, I spotted a car in Oak Bluffs with a chrome Martha’s Vineyard island decal right above its bumper.  It really caught my eye, and I actually stopped to admire it.  I know that sounds like a bit much, but I have been looking for something for my car that represented Martha’s […]