It was always fun to stop by the Katama General Store on the way to South Beach during the Summer months. Grab a bite to eat, maybe something to drink, and then on you went. However, now I feel like the Katama General Store is a destination, and I am kind of in love.

Katama General Store Reopens On Martha's Vineyard

Owners Jackie and Doug Korell, have created a whole new Katama General Store. A brand new building that boasts an open modern farmhouse feel that makes you want to shop and stay.

Katama General Store Martha's Vineyard New Food Produce To-Go Food

The store is well stocked and very easy to shop. The Katama Larder has a great selection of prepared sandwiches and salads ready to grab and go or take to the fabulous, huge porch that’s sprinkled with awesome Adirondack rocking chairs. Over the years, the prepared foods at the store have become staples for a lot of people, making life easier and of course more tasty.

Martha's Vineyard Food To Go: Katama Larder At Katama General StoreI grabbed a curried chicken salad wrap, a bag of my favorite Torres potato chips, and iced coffee and headed to the porch. Here, I nestled in, and dove into my latest Summer read, enjoyed my lunch, and enjoyed a little people watching. The experience was really relaxing, and has me thinking about the next time I can enjoy that porch.

Katama General Store

The store is also perfect for stocking up on essentials too. There’s beautiful produce, lots of which is from the Katama General Store’s own garden. The heirloom tomatoes looked particularly delicious. You can grab some fruit, veggies, bread, milk, OJ, lemonade, things that you need on hand. The general store comes through – no need to brave the bigger stores if you need these things. An added Summer bonus for sure.

Martha's Vineyard Farm Stand Katama General Store Local Produce

You will also find a nice assortment of specialty items too, like gourmet cheeses, meats, and such. A perfect place to stop and set yourself up for delicious apps or treats for those come “potlucks” we see all Summer.

Wine & Beer Selection Katama General Store Martha's Vineyard

In addition to these provisions, there is a well curated selection of beer and wine which is so convenient for Katama residents and beach goers, eliminating the need to go into town. I even have to mention that the prices are competitive too – the least expensive place I have found for the very popular Summer rose, Summer Water.

New Baked Goods Pastries Breakfast Sandwiches At Katama General Store Edgartown

There are pastries and the Katama General Store breakfast sandwich you can add to your coffee order in the morning if you like. I can imagine that the porch is quite the scene in the morning. A lot of reconnecting, seeing Summer friends, and a nice slow way to welcome another great Island Summer day.

Katama General Store Wraparound Porch Great People Watching & Hanging Out On Martha's Vineyard

And in Katama General Store style, I always love searching through the fun unique things, there are some great non-food items that are really fun. Jackie and her team have picked some really fun home accessories and other things that will tempt their way into your life.

Katama General Store Fresh Flowers Katama

Don’t forget to check out the flower bouquets – perfect hostess gifts or a little something special for yourself!

Katama General StoreThe Katama General Store is no longer, a quick stop. Well it can be, but this new store is definitely more a destination, place to savor and spend some time, making Katama even more fun. I thought I would miss the small, quaint version, but the new one is bigger and better. Congratulations Jackie and Doug on making something good even better! I like the added parking too.

Outdoor Dining Katama General Store Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

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Guinevere’s Note: Not to worry, the old phone both is still there!

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During the Summer months, Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs is packed with people, especially children. So, it seemed to make sense to use the outside space on the back of Down Island for something family friendly.

Amity Candy Co Oak Bluffs Sweets Martha's Vineyard

Introducing Amity Candy Co. where you will find small batch, handcrafted sweet treats. It’s not a candy store in the usual sense, but a spot to enjoy a few, well made summer goodies.

Amity CandyThe sign grabs your eye, the obvious nod to Jaws, unlike any other on the street, made by Island Lure Fish artist, Abe Pieciak, and it gives you an idea that you’re in for something different.

Martha's Vineyard Candy Sweets Amity Candy Co. Oak Bluffs

The menu is simple. There are snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, Rice Krispie treats, ice tea, and lemonade. However simple these items are not.

Snow cones

The snow cones are made with real fruit juices, not red #9 dye etc. The strawberry is made with strawberries, the cherry with cherries, and the taste is more sophisticated. These frozen treats are perfect for a hot day. Icey and fruity, and downright refreshing.

Amity Candy Co Snow Cones Cotton Candy Sweet Treats Oak Bluffs

The popcorn is not just any popcorn. It’s NITRO popcorn. It’s dipped in liquid nitrogen, creating “dragon breath” popcorn. It’s literally smoking. I took my little ones and their cousins to Amity, and this popcorn was the big hit. The smoke mesmerized them, and they could not get enough. It was so fun to watch their excitement.

Nitro PopcornAmity was out of the fresh lemonade and iced tea because I bet they’re delicious so I decided to try the  nitro strawberry Rice Krispie treat which happens to be one of my favorite treats. I have to say that it was good, different, but I am more of a traditionalist with my Rice Krispie treats – no bells and whistles for me, but it was interesting to try.

Amity Candy CoAmity Candy Co. wants to bring something fun and different to Circuit Avenue, and one of it’s main goals is to make adults feel like kids again. I know that I loved snow cones as a kid, and how fun to have  sophisticated versions in town. Nitro popcorn?  Kind of awesome for kids big and small, and after all how much fudge and ice cream can one consume during the Summer months?

Amity Candy CoThe shop is the brain child of Down Island sous chef, Hannah Flora. She, the chef from Down Island, Scott Cummings, and Dominick Giardini, also from the kitchen, are the ones behind the small batch, housemade treats Amity Candy Co. has to offer.

Amity Candy Co.Amity Candy Co. is open daily during the Summer from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and is CASH only.

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Whether here for the day, month or 365 days a year, it’s always nice to collect mementos to remind you of special times on the Martha’s Vineyard. A fun way to do just that is to sign up for one of Stefanie Wolf Designs earring parties.

Stefanie Wolf Designs Earring Parties Martha's Vineyard

I am guessing that you have seen her handmade jewelry at any number of flea markets and shows around the Island. Her Picasso beaded jewelry can be seen on women in all six towns, all year long, a true favorite for so many.Stefanie Wolf Beaded Picasso Bracelets Martha's Vineyard Jewelry

Make Your Own

Monthly, Stefanie and her artisan team at her studio in Edgartown, host an Earring Party. Here, you can create your own pair of earrings. Why is that exciting? Well, let me tell you. First, grab a friend and sign up. It’s only $20.

Martha's Vineyard Jewelry Design: Earring Party Stefanie Wolf

There is wine, other beverages, and snacks available for you to enjoy while you peruse the bead selection. There are so many for you to choose from. It takes a while to decide on what colors and design to create.

Stefanie Wolf Jewelry Martha's Vineyard Earring Party

There were about 15 women and one man making earrings when I went to the event in July. It was really fun to see people placing beads together, trying to capture exactly what they wanted. I know I had three or four creations that I had to choose from. And really you don’t need to choose, you can purchase additional pairs you make if you like. The sky is the limit on this night.

Stefanie Wolf Earrings Martha's Vineyard

Everyone’s earrings were so different, each reflecting the personality of the creator. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of shared advice, and a lot of creativity flowing.

Stefanie Wolf

Once you have decided on your design(s), the pros where there to help with wiring, and closures. They walked us through stringing the earring with the metal, and how to attach it to the desired closure.

Stefanie Wolf Designs

It really was fun to feel like you were creating this wearable piece of art. Especially being surrounded by all the beautiful jewelry in Stefanie’s studio. You couldn’t help but feel inspired, and certainly proud of your creation. Since most of the beads are one of a kind and handmade, each pair we made is truly unique.

Stefanie Wolf

After several designs, I opted for a really light, simple, beachy pair of earrings that would really pop against my tan. However, I think I will need to go to another one in the Fall so I can create a pair for that season. It was such a fun way to spend an evening.

Stefanie Wolf An added bonus was that we had a special discount we could use for attending the party, to use if we wanted to buy any of Stephanie’s jewelry, including the new Full Circle collection, or other accessories in the studio. You know us ladies love a good deal on beautiful things.

Martha's Vineyard Jewelry: Stefanie Wolf Edgartown

The Earring Party is about two hours long, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Perfect for after the beach, and before dinner out in Edgartown. I actually went to The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn’s Vintage Cocktail Hour beforehand, which happens from 4:00 p.m. t0 6:00 p.m. daily during the Summer.

Vintage Cocktails At The Terrace Charlotte Inn Edgartown

This is a great time, whether it’s you and a group, you’re on your own, a bachlortette party, a birthday party, it’s just plain good creative Island fun

Earring Party Stephanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard

The next Stefanie Wolf Designs Earring Party is Thursday, August 10th. If you can’t make that one, be on the lookout for the one in September. She is also willing to host a private party if you want (how fun would that be)!

Stefanie WolfYou can learn more about Stefanie Wolf Designs 0n Facebook, including how to sign up for these parties. And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.


I love a reason to go to The Beach Plum Inn. When I heard that island chef John Thurgood was going to offer breakfast at the Inn daily this Summer, I knew I would find my way there.

Breakfast At The Beach Plum Inn Martha's Vineyard Restaurants With Views

Soon after, my friend Jessie who works in Chilmark, suggested we go try out breakfast at the Inn. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to spend time with her and finally cross this off my Summer bucket list.

Martha's vineyard Breakfast: Beach Plum Inn Menemsha Chilmark Dining

We went on what seems typical for this Summer, beautiful blue sky morning. Jessie being on time, me always late, had scored us a great corner table with the perfect view of Memensha Harbor.

Beach PlumShe sipped her coffee, which she said was delicious, and I, on fresh squeezed orange juice. I am not a big OJ drinker, but when it’s fresh like this, I could do some damage. I couldn’t help but think how great it would be with mimosas.

Beach Plum Inn Breakfast Martha's Vineyard Menemsha

We were slow to order, just taking in the view and the beauty of the property. Chickens walked around (the eggs they use come from their chickens on the farm), kids played in the fields below, and boats were coming in and out of the harbor in the distance. A truly lovely, relaxing, magical way to begin a Summer day.

Fish Cakes Breakfast Beach Plum Inn Menemsha Martha's Vineyard Dining Out

However, we had to snap back into reality, as we both had work commitments that were looming over us. Usually I get something different from whatever my friend gets, but not this time. Jessie and I both got the fish cakes.

Beach Plum Inn Breakfast Fish Cakes With Poached Duck Eggs Sea Beans Martha's Vineyard Breakfast

I am not a huge fan typically, but John’s sounded too interesting not to try. His fish cakes feature poached duck egg, hollandaise sauce on top of a bed of North Tabor greens, and get this awesome addition, sea beans.

Beach Plum Inn

See why I had to try them? Perhaps next time, try the omelette or asparagus benedict which both sounded really good. The menu is not huge, but has some good breakfast items with John’s twist,  like sea greens and duck eggs for fish cakes. He takes classics and creates Up-Island, locally inspired memorable breakfast meals.

Both of us were extremely happy with the fish cakes. As I had hoped, the sea beans were soooooo good with the fish cakes and greens. That salty crunch can be such a great addition. Also, the duck egg, from The Good Farm, was just different enough to make the dish even more interesting. This fish was just picked up at the docks and could only be fresher if I had caught it myself. The dish was so light, yet so filling. It was easy to come close to cleaning my plate.

Enjoying good food that’s a little different, made with local ingredients, while looking out at that view, is truly an experience, and something special, to do at least once over the Summer months.

People might find the dishes to be a little pricey, the fish cakes were $19, the omlette $18, but John is using super local, super fresh ingredients. He goes to the farms to get his veggies. He goes to the Menemsha Fish House to get the fish for breakfast and the pop-up dinners at the Inn.

Meet The Chef

Chef John Thurgood has worked at a number of the best restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard, including the Homeport and the Chilmark Tavern. He’s been on the Island for years, and has really good relationships with the farmers and a good knowledge of Island farms.

Chef John Thurgood At The Beach Plum Inn Chilmark Dining Martha's Vineyard

Yes, the Beach Plum is doing breakfast everyday, but did you know that there are also Summer pop-up dinners twice a week? This is where John says he really shines. He’s a seafood guy, and he says he whips up some pretty amazing dishes.

The pop-up dinners are twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday. Click here for a full list of themes, menus, guest chefs and more. Featured is a picture from the Beach Plum’s Island Chicken Night.

Summer seems to be going by at the speed of light, but I do hope to make one of these dinners, and enjoy an evening at the Beach Plum.

Beach PlumYou can learn more about the Beach Plum Inn 0n Facebook. And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

Beach Plum InnGuinevere’s Tip: Don’t forget to wander down a bit onto the grass. To the right, you’ll find Beach Plum’s little farm which is home to their chickens and a couple really cute alpacas.